Wine Tour

We visit two of the most famous and traditional villages on Santorini Island (Pyrgos and Megalohori) and then you have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Santorinis wines with a visit to a beatiful winery which was built in an unconventional manner constructed from above and moving downwards.

The exceptional architectural structure is combined with the history of one of the most important wine producers in the Aegean. The winery is located in the most breathtaking location offering incredible vistas over the caldera and volcanic islands.
We offer you the chance to walk through and discover the history and tradition as well as the new wine making techniques. You are able to take a detailed tour of the winery from the wimery experts staff while also tasting some of our exceptional wines.

Over the last few years the wines from Santorini have gained international recognition and become popular. It is no coincidence that the Wine Enthusiast magazine chose Santorini as one of the best wine destinations for 2014! So, make this happen by taking a Santorini Wine Tour! Feel free to ask us any question.