Wine Tasting
& Highlights Tour.

Visiting places in Santorini is never complete without experiencing the best brand in the island. Over the last few years the wines from Santorini have gained international recognition and become popular. It is no coincidence that the Wine Enthusiast magazine chose Santorini as one of the best wine destinations for 2014! So, make this happen by taking a Wine Tasting & Highlights Tour!

A long established winery own by a traditionally Greek family, will provide you an authentic and tasteful wine, that is considered famous in the world. Sightseeing beautiful places with a tasteful wine, will definitely boast your sight and your soul.

Our air conditioned van that is equipped with Wi-Fi will be your comfort, and our experienced english speaking driver/guide will be at your service.

The tour includes the places below and it lasts 5 hours depending on the time you stay in any place.