If you are coming to Santorini as part of your cruise then things can get tricky, because you only have a few hours on the island and you will literally be in a rush…

If you are coming on a Cruise ship you only have a few hours to discover the island so you must do the best out of your limited time. Obviously you won’t have the time to do all of these things in Santorini.

The Best Thing you can do in Santorini if you are coming with a cruise ship is to Book A Private 5 hour Tour of the island.

This tour will give you the opportunity to see most of the island from the comfort of an air conditioned van and you will a dedicated guide (most likely a local) who will be explaining to you what you see.

This tour will take you to the famous black and red beaches while you will also visit a local farm/winery and taste the famous Santorini wines.